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We’re not your average events company! At evention we believe in innovation in all that we do. Events are not tick-box exercises but rather a showcase of your unique energy, packaged in an experience for yourself and your guests.

Little things make big days.

It’s the details that matter to us. Let evention worry about the small details to create an extraordinary event for you and your guests.

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Be a guest at your own event!

It’s important to us that you’re a guest at your own event. Whether it be your conference, year-end, summit, wedding or any gathering really, you should be there to celebrate, to enjoy, to take in the moment and not to be coordinating. That’s what we do, and we love it. So hand it over and experience the event you created for your guests.

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We've been doing weddings for over 15 years with more than 100 unique celebrations of love under our belt, you can trust us with yours too. Come have a chat with us, we're pretty friendly and love talking about weddings and co-creating celebrations with our couples.

Bringing unique experiences to corporate events and conferences is where we shine! We have been to enough of them to know that you really do need your own voice in this space so stand out and create something that is owned by you and your business. Leave the mundane to those guys, they do it well, and do something memorable.

In-life brand engagements don't have to be an event. A corporate canapé and power point no longer put you ahead of the rest. Let us create in-person brand engagements that are innovative, provide unique experiences matched to your brand and cut through the noise that is out there.










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Corporate events + conferences

At evention we believe that all events should be a unique experience, even conferences and corporate gatherings. If you’re going to spend the budget to entertain, let it be a memorable showcase that is yours to own. Think out the box, match your brand to something exceptional that your guests will talk about for years to come; our clients certainly do.

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Innovative brand experiences

Let us delivery your in-person brand activations that drive engagement in a unique user experience. Launching your product needs to be as unique as the product itself!

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Victoria Jackson

Creating bespoke experiences for my customers is my absolute passion. Precise project management from our team allows for seamless operations and for you to spend your time being a host and enjoying the occasion.

Victoria Jackson


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