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evention plain E _SnapseedWe are event experts, stylists & wedding planners.
We believe a well coordinated event ensures an effortless experience, allowing you the privilege of being a guest at your own wedding or event. Our consultants and experts take care of every tiny detail, leaving nothing to chance – from invitations to catering, venue hunting to entertainment, artistic collaborations to floral styling, we ensure budgets are met and managed and that all elements are tied up beautifully from start to finish. We focus on individually crafting each experience to reflect your bespoke requirements.
Using an extensive network of tried and tested suppliers and our own collection of quality products, we ensure the eventing process is effortless and enjoyable but most of all we take great pride in creating a stand out and memorable occasion for clients and brides alike.
The Evention portfolio is varied and expansive and includes both celebrity weddings and rustic engagements, longstanding international clients & regular Blue Chips who repeatedly rely on our Western Cape knowledge, our creativity and proficiency.
Whilst our relationships extends across the country and beyond, our specific area of expertise lies in showcasing the magnificent Western Cape and her bountiful venue offerings.
We are local regulars with our eyes on the world


evention plain N _SnapseedWe are innovators, idea-makers, strategists & curators. We are also Western Cape aficianados and hospitality experts.
Both partners are naturally inclined towards creative problem solving. Whilst our fingers are in many diverse pies, our role is clear: Custom-made Creative & Innovative solutions that directly affect your bottom-line – after all, each business is different and rapidly evolving like ours…and if it isnt, it should be & we can help
A digital savvy , networked and connected duo who are both brand-driven and passionate, trend-informed & design -aware with a penchant for consumer engagement and grass- roots marketing
Strategically , we continue to work with 5 star hotels, restaurants, luxury villas & wine farms, crafting global gateways and stand-out brands. We take great pride in the careful curation of other peoples beautiful creations & the showcasing there-of.
We are intrepid entrepreneurs creatively wired for stand-out, memorability and digital follow through.
We are Evention