{ Mercedes Conference & Launch }

The launch of a new luxury vehicle is always so exciting so you can only imagine how thrilled we were when asked to assist with coordination and styling for a conference and gala dinner celebrating the launch of the new Mercedes C-Class.

The day started off with a conference which took place at The Lookout in Granger Bay which required the venue to be split in half and have one section for the conference area and the other a hospitality area for lunch and refreshments. A fresh look with blue linen and natural white floral arrangements was created for the dining tables. Guests were treated to a gourmet buffet style lunch and a fun ice cream station with all-you-can-eat toppings for dessert.










Food board


Once the formal conference part of the day was done, the 300 guests moved across to Shimmy Beach Club for their gala dinner. An eclectic mix of modern arrangements bringing in whites and blues adorned the slick white plinth tables. The scene was set for a truly magnificent evening which climaxed with the vehicle appearing on a roller coaster type structure on the beach.









Decor Board








Thank you to Blue Platinum for getting us involved in this amazing and exciting launch.

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