{ Porsche Targa & Porsche Macan Launches }

We love working with Porsche, and last week we were lucky enough to be a part of not one, but two amazing launches with them.

The first event was launching the new Targa. This particular evening was aimed at the younger market and we were asked to create a look that was fresh and modern that created a bold visual impact. We opted to work with a black and white pallet and brought these colours in by using a mix of black and white vases filled with beautiful white floral.

Massive white and black urns filled with large floral arrangements were used as feature pieces as guests entered the venue which created the wow-factor that everyone was looking for. An assortment of cocktail and café seating made up of modern white furniture and a mix Perspex, white and black chairs was used to add texture to the venue.

The overall look was bold and striking and something that we are very proud of.


Targa Slider


The following evening was the launch of the Macan which is a more family style vehicle and thus required a more sophisticated look. Clear vases with white floral made up the arrangements. An eclectic mix of the various vases created interest on each surface and added texture to the venue.

We wanted to create a refined and elegant look yet still have a modern edge to it and this was achieved by using classic flowers such as roses and tulips but placed them in slick sweetie jars and other interesting vases. Feature pieces on the dessert station were created by using oversized bullet vases with an assortment of single stemmed delicious monster leaves and other white florals.


Macan Slider


It is always such a pleasure to work with clients who are willing to push the boundaries and create looks that are different and unique. We had such fun putting these two looks together and must thank urbantonicfor getting us involved in these two highly exciting launches.

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