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From the moment that this couple got engaged we were absolutely ecstatic about being involved in their wedding planning process. Jordy and Lyndall are the picture perfect couple with so much love for each other that it is impossible not to smile when you are around them.

With Jordy being a surfer and their life revolving around being at the beach, their wedding day would be no different. The Grand Beach Café in Granger Bay was the couple’s ideal venue to tie the knot. To add to the picturesque backdrop of the venue, the look and feel for the wedding was to be stylish beach elegance with a white and turquoise colour pallet.

The ceremony area which was setup on the beach was covered with flowing white drape shading to give the much needed cover on a blistering Cape Town summers day. The wedding gazebo at the top of the aisle was draped with thick white fabric and each pillar donned an elaborate rose wreath. Dramatic silver and glass lanterns lined the sides of the aisle adding the finishing touches for a beautifully romantic ceremony setting.


Ceremony Slider

Fresh frangipani’s were used as the confetti while the couple walked back up the aisle before mingling with their guests. Oysters, fresh calamari and wood oven  pizza along with cocktails were on offer to guests while the couple slipped away for their photo’s.

The wedding reception area was nothing short of spectacular. Also setup on the beach, long banquet style tables were placed under white drape shading. Crystal chandeliers, fairylight curtains, white and turquoise Chinese ball lanterns were used to give a magical and ambient lighting effect. Using Lyndall’s favourite flower, we created key feature floral arrangements on each table using tall vases with a fountain of white orchids flowing out of the vases which were placed on mirror light boxes to give even more drama to the magnificent pieces. Smaller arrangements of rose balls and single stem orchids accompanied the these pieces giving the tables a classic and elegant look.


Reception Slider

The dance party took place inside the venue where dramatic spider draping with fairylight strings in between the fabric drops were used. Instead of a traditional dance floor a large vinyl design with the couple’s names was spread across the floor adding a personal touch. The twirls of the vinyl work led up to the beautiful wedding cake which was placed on a spacious table and was surrounded by submerged floral arrangements and candles. Guests partied the night away and were treated to the sultry sounds of Goldfish.

One of the most exciting parts of making any wedding day even more special is the use of finer details. To bring through the turquoise of our colour pallet we included a light turquoise water glass on  each place setting. The stationery made up of menu’s name tags and table names all brought through subtle hints of the turquoise colour that the couple love so much. In keeping with the beach theme we created lemongrass scented foot washing stations and shoe storage units for guests to kick off their shoes and allow the beach sand to swirl between their toes. Personalised wine labels and table names that were named after the couples favourite surf spots also added to their personal touches to make their wedding day unique and distinctive.


Cake and Dancefloor Slider

Jordy and Lyndall’s wedding day was so exceptionally magical and beautiful and we are confident that it is a premonition of what their marriage will be. We are so excited to see what the future holds for this fun loving couple and we look forward to planning their many anniversary parties!

Top Billing shared the day with us; click here to watch their wedding insert and interviews.

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