{ Mercedes S Class Launch }

Cape town holds the best roads for a Mercedes drive day. The evention team was lucky enough to be involved.

{ Registration } was held at the ever beautiful Constantia wine lands

Venue:         Beau Constantia

Car 9-6045

Car 9-6059

Car 9-6030

Car 9-6031

Car 9-6032

Car 9-6041

{ Gala Dinner } was held after a perfect drive around the peninsula, in the beautiful gallery style villa showcased by the Young Blood group.

Venue:         Eagles Rock, Fresnaye

Car 9-6221

Car 9-6198

Car 9-6199

Car 9-6204

Car 9-6205

Car 9-6207

Car 9-6212

Car 9-6214

Car 9-6219

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