{ Waterford Harvest Festival }

The annual Waterford Family Harvest is a fun filled and relaxing day which is a highly anticipated annual event. It is a time where close friends and family gather to celebrate a great yield, get involved in grape picking and stomping followed by one incredibly festive party.

Today we have a look back at Waterford’s 2012 Harvest Fest and share some of our highlights of the day.


Photo Feb 27, 4 01 07 PM


The Waterford courtyard, with its signature fountain, played host to the celebrations where drape shading was used to create a free flowing and whimsical effect. Fresh and wild local flowers accompanied by eucalyptus, rosemary and lemons were showcased in large baskets as feature floral arrangements, adding to the natural country charm of this beautiful Estate.









Beautiful vintage-inspired bunting flowed in the breeze while guests enjoyed the delicious wines being kept chilled in rustic tin buckets hanging from the ceiling. Picnic blankets and handheld parasols were scattered around adding to the relaxed and homely feel for the day.

No celebration is complete without a hearty meal, and guests were able to help themselves to an abundant rustic country- inspired buffet fashioned from wooden wine crates.



Photo Feb 27, 3 56 36 PM






Photo Feb 27, 3 53 48 PM





As the sun set, guests enjoyed an unplugged set from Watershed. Sparkly fairy lights and hanging lanterns created from jam jars made for an ambient setting and added to the festive mood.




We love being a part of any event at Waterford and really enjoyed creating this cheerful and carefree look for the Waterford family.


Photo Feb 27, 6 20 11 PM







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